Flowers, Invites, and Favors. Oh My!

Wedding planning is hard under normal circumstances. But nothing having to do with me has really ever been normal, so why did I expect more normalcies with this? Silly me.



Here are some examples of how my wedding is straying from the normal/ list of my complaints/ (let’s be honest) everything about my wedding:

*We can’t have a big wedding and invite everyone we know. We can’t afford it. (Honestly, I prefer it this way. A big wedding would have freaked me out. Can you say “possible meltdown”?) Guest list-under forty.

*We worry about people being hurt or offended because they aren’t invited. We don’t want to hurt the feelings of those we love, but we can’t invite everyone. It’s a delicate balance.

*Do I have my handsome groom here to help me? Not in person, no. I send him pictures; we talk about things and make decisions. But it might be a little easier if we were able to do these things together, in person.

*Isn’t it super nice and easy to plan a wedding where my parents live while I’m in San Jose? No, not really. It’s frustrating. Half the time, I’m messaging my mom and her best friend about the details and all the things I need to check and make sure to do on my short visits with my parents.

*It’ll be in the summer, so I’m wearing a short, flowy dress instead of the usual full length wedding gown. I hate wearing uncomfortable, heavy clothes in the first place. Add summer heat to that, and I’d be a bit cranky. Plus, they’re expensive.

*Bride’s Maids and Groom’s Men? How about no? With less than forty guests, it would be silly to have Bride’s Maids and Groom’s Men. Half the audience would be standing up next to us. (Not really, but you get the point.)

*Who ever said that the bride has to match the wedding colors? We picked purple and white for our colors, but the accents for my bridal getup are blue, to match his dress blues. Whoops?

*I’m doing my best to find addresses for everyone that we will send notifications to; all the people that we aren’t able to invite.

*The wedding is in July. Have we set a date? Nope. Have we sent out invitations yet? Nope. We can’t send invitations until we have a date, of course. All we know is that it’ll be in July some time. From my perspective, this is why-

The Medic: “So, I need the dates for leave. I’m getting married when I go home.”

The Army: “Well, we could tell you, but we don’t feel like it. Maybe come back around mid-June. We’ll give you the exact dates then.”

Me: (all the way in California) “Uggghhhhh!!!! I need to set a date so I can send invitations to people!! I hate you right now, Army. You’re lucky you’re not dealing with me.” (Insert rage face)

*I have a simple and sweet honeymoon planned. Well, mostly. I would have it planned, but I can’t book anything until we set a date. (Rage face continues)

(Breathe, Allison. Breathe. Everything will be alright. Some of the really important things have been taken care of.)

*Our parents have met, approve of our union, and are helping us with the wedding.

*Who needs catering when your guest list is small and your parents are good cooks? Not us, that’s for sure. Yum.

*My bridal outfit is already taken care of and he doesn’t have to worry about getting a tux. He has his dress blues! (Super cute)

*We’re both healthy and feel no need to “get fit” to fit into our wedding clothes.

*We’re going to offer the ability to watch the wedding, over Skype, to those that are too far away/people we aren’t able to invite.

*My old youth pastor has agreed to do the service, free of charge.

*The wedding, ceremony and reception, will be in my parents’ back yard, also free of charge.

*I will turn 21 soon and will be able to sample champagne for my wedding.

*Certain special songs will be done live, by musical family. Awesome.

And on, and on, and on. This small, simple wedding is so much more complicated than it looks. Needless to say, my stress levels are on a rollercoaster that sometimes goes through the roof.

If I had it my way, I would have had everything planned by now so that all that’s left is the execution. But, like most things in life, I’m not going to have it my way. Things are left unplanned and not taken care of, for now, because of things out of my control, and I need to be okay with that. A few mini-meltdowns (or what NT’s consider “stress induced crying”) could definitely be in order; I’m not a super hero.

Add onto this living at Job Corps, working, going to school, and starting the process for exiting Job Corps, and we get a whole lot of crazy. Mucho crazy. How I’m not institutionalized yet, I don’t know.

Well, at least things are moving along. Once this is all over, I’m sure that I’ll look back and think of what a wonderful day it was. For now, I just have to concentrate on keeping calm. Everything will fall into place the way that it should.




One thought on “Flowers, Invites, and Favors. Oh My!

  1. Just remember that the “wedding happenings” are really for your guests. And they will love whatever you plan because they love you and if something doesn’t go as planned, no one will be the wiser. The true, beautiful part is that you get to commit yourself to your best friend in the best 10-15 minutes of your life surrounded by the ones you love. And since you know that part will definitely happen, then you are assured of the ultimate wedding success. Even the US Army isn’t going to rain on your parade!

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