Strong Emotions

Recently, I’ve rediscovered how strongly I feel things. When I’m happy, I’m really happy. When I’m sad, I really get into the sad. When I’m upset, I get really passionate about being upset. I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just intense.


The strong emotions that those with Asperger Syndrome feel can often lead to a meltdown. Have you ever been so happy that you started crying? Or maybe you’ve been so angry that you punched a hole in the wall? Feeling things is that intense all the time. It’s one of the reasons behind a meltdown over something as simple as, let’s say, broken plans.

I was really looking forward to that. Now that it isn’t going to happen, what are we going to do? This was important to me. I’m disappointed. If it isn’t going to happen today, when is it going to happen? You promised! You broke your promise.

Often, someone with AS is too overwhelmed by their feeling of anger, sadness, or disappointment to tell you why they’re freaking out let alone how they feel. They feel it so intensely that they can’t handle it. It’s overwhelming.


Being an adult doesn’t mean that things get easier. In fact, it’s more work. You have to work harder to keep yourself composed. Where a teenager can get away with breaking down and crying, an adult in the work force will be expected to “suck it up” and keep working. It’s hard sometimes. Even for neuro-typical people, it can be really hard.


I guess this post is more informational than encouraging. It’s geared more towards those that don’t have AS, so that they may better understand what it is that we go through. I hope that reading this helps.





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