“Frozen” In My Tracks

I’m not much for jumping on the bandwagon. But in this case, I think I will. It’s all over the place. The new Disney movie, Frozen, has some big critics. There are rumors, as it is with all Disney movies, of an underlying message. This one happens to have to do with homosexuality.


A blogger wrote about what she saw as homosexual undertones to the movie. Normally, I just ignore what people say about these beloved Disney movies, but reading the Yahoo article got me thinking. The older sister, Elsa was “ostracized by the public and even her family”*. At the end of the movie, ”Elsa’s family and community finally accept her for who she is”*. These things can apply to many situations in which someone is ostracized for being or looking different. It could represent a racial minority, someone physically disabled, or someone on the autism spectrum. The claimed message of the movie seemed to be that “gays (Elsa) are not the problem, but rather society is the problem for rejecting them”*. This, again, can be relevant to many things.


To someone that has experienced/still experiences having Asperger Syndrome, the “message” of the movie could have to do with AS of HFA. We are different and people don’t always understand us, like Elsa. Sometimes, people even fear us because it’s unknown to them. We sometimes have friends and family members, like Elsa’s sister Anna, that love us and do what they can to protect us from other people and their cruelty, even if we try to push them away. It seems like a “happy ending” when people get to know us or accept us for whom we are. And, in most cases, society is the problem and the cause of the pain and loneliness that we go through. Some people on the spectrum are their own problems, but most just want to be loved and accepted.


In the end, the movie Frozen is what you make of it. For me, it’s a story of pain, foolishness, teamwork, silly characters, love, adventures, and overcoming obstacles. I liked the movie. I made The Medic take me to go see it. Hahahahaha. Elsa overcame the hurdles that were placed in her way and found peace in her kingdom. Like her, you can overcome your obstacles and live peacefully and happily.


Letting It Go,






A Penny For Your Thoughts....

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