What Now?

I sit at my desk at the office where I intern, and I am stuck. I’m in the middle of doing some intense filing, and I have no more manila folders to use. What do I do? What now?

I feel the same way about my writing for my blog. I feel like I’m in the middle of my blog, the middle of my writings, and I have run out of materials for my work. I do have little things here or there that do happen or concern my Asperger Syndrome, but nothing that incites an epiphany or would be enough for a blog post. So, what do I do? What now? I could go over my every day stressors. But then I would feel like I’m complaining.


With my internship, I simply asked where I could get more manila folders or if they required my assistance with something else. The problem of having nothing to do was resolved quickly and by asking a simple question.

With my blog, I don’t have a supervisor, so I’m just going to have to ask my readers. So, you. Yes you. Here’s my question:

“Are there any questions or topics that you would like for me to cover?”


There you go. I keep saying that I do this for you, and I mean it. In continuing this blog, I feel that I should cater to the needs of my readers.

Leave comments below or e-mail me (allie_shrimp_000@yahoo.com) with questions or suggestions. Thank you!




A Penny For Your Thoughts....

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