Controlled Change

Just a quick update-like post this time.

Almost nothing is more satisfying than being able to control the change in one’s life. Yesterday, I moved into the room of one of my original roommates and closer friends here at Job Corps. I requested to move there, and moved the next day. It’s refreshing and comfortable to be living in the same room as someone that I’m comfortable with again. The other two roommates are interesting girls, and barely ever there. As for their cleanliness, it’s average. Not too bad. I’ll probably still end up cleaning the room every weekend like in my old room, but that’s a good habit to have anyways. A good Aspie friend told me that my recent experiences, once I am more in control of the changes in my life, would help me to know that I can do it again in the future. Even if it’s tough and stressful, I can do it. It’s encouraging to know that. And you, my readers, can do it too. Life is a journey, and you should never stop learning and growing.

One Step Forward,


One thought on “Controlled Change

  1. Glad you made the move, Allie. DJ had to do that, too, last year and it worked out so much better when he was in a more comfortable dorm and roommate situation. I know being flexible is a goal of both of you, but It’s a good lesson to know that you can control some of the change around you!

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