Dear Daddy,

“I’m writing this letter, to tell you the truth. Gonna lay it all down, pour it out, and pray that it reaches you.” -The Katinas

Dad, Father, Source of Paternal DNA, and King of the Grill. You are the best Daddy in the world! Well, maybe. I’m a bit biased on the subject. I wanted to write this letter to you because I am broke and you didn’t give me any money to buy you a present! Just kidding. What to say, what to say? I love you! I could not have asked for a better father. You are brave, honorable, kind, caring, sweet, silly, and many, many other amiable things. You are brave for having five daughters and no sons. You lived in a house with six women, and, somehow, survived! You are honorable in that you have shown myself and my siblings, through example, how to live a righteous life. You are kind in that your arms have always been there to hold me when I’ve cried (even when I was crying because I’d received a spanking or lecture from none other than you). You are caring in that you’ve always put our needs above your own and treated the five of us girls like princesses. You are sweet when we watch sad movies and you share what’s left of the tissues when you’re done with them. You are silly every time my sisters, myself, and the dog have been blamed for flatulence not belonging to us.

You’ve always been there. When I was a little kid, you were my Daddy. You played with us, let us do your hair, and enforced the rules. You were feared, loved, and respected. When I was a teenager, you were my Dad. You taught us how to do yard work, you played video games with us, and you enforced even more rules. You were feared, loved, and respected. But mostly feared. Now that I’m a young adult, you are my Daddy. You support me in my decisions for my future, you give me counsel when I’m lost, and you taught me how to live responsibly. You are loved and respected. Feared as well, but only on occasion.

Your oldest daughter is married, your second oldest is moving out and going to school in two days, your third daughter is going into her Senior year of high school, and the twins are going into their Freshman year of high school. When people ask about our parents, they always tell us girls to let you and Mom know that you are doing a wonderful job in raising us. You should be proud of the young women that your baby girls are growing into.

What this letter, what I’m trying to say, comes down to is that I want to thank you. Thank you for being the father that are. Thank you for raising me in the way that you did. Thank you.

Your Little Girl,


One thought on “Dear Daddy,

  1. Thank you, and soon will come a letter to you. I am very proud of you and love you more than you know. Love Daddy.

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