I am privy to discussions on topics throughout the week on Facebook that revolve around Asperger Syndrome. On Thursday, the topic was: “Have you ever been made to feel angry about NTs? What has caused this and do you think you could ever move on?” While I did comment with my own opinion on the matter, for the most part, I observed. And some of what I observed scared me. I saw such anger and bitterness towards “normal” people coming from Aspies. I’m not sure that I can even do the best job possible of writing this while so charged with emotion.

What I can say about how I feel on this topic is this: AS being part of who I am, their non-acceptance used to upset me. It makes me sad, not angry. Someone once asked “Can I slap the person that diagnosed you? I think you’re perfect.” Experiencing AS is part of what makes me who I am. Not all my friends, but some just won’t accept that; while there are set backs, there are also wonderful things about AS. Yes. I’m still friends with them and still love them, regardless of their varying degrees of acceptance. It’s hard though, because I want to share the wonderful parts of AS with them and are unable to because some reject AS as a whole. Most of my friends that know about it come to an understanding. They look back on the years that they’ve known me and they realize that it explains some of my stranger behavior. And they are fine with AS. They were my friends before they knew and they are still my friends now. Nothing has changed except that a door of understanding has been opened to them. I only know a very small number of people that reject it, and that’s fine with me. I know that there will always be the people that will not understand it, and that’s ok too.

In this online discussion, there was talk, from one person in particular, that came close to Hitler’s idea of weeding out all other races and only having one type of person left. This person gave the idea of an “Aspergian” community where only those with AS were welcomed and we would “defend ourselves and hold our ground and form a protective bloc(k) to shield us from this alien presence that is the NT.” I was appalled that anyone would even suggest a community in which my family, who are NT’s, would be unwelcomed and treated horribly simply because they were born NT. It would be like NT people deciding that all Aspies need to be shipped off somewhere, made sterile, and institutionalized. I love my family with all my heart. I can only say that I know 4 or 5 Aspies personally. I’ve never met any other Aspies in person. A good 99% of the people I know and care about are NT. Even if such a place existed, I would not go there.

It scared me to find that someone could let their bitterness get that serious. It scared me to find that someone could feel hate for those that he’d never met simply because they are different. Didn’t that exact same thing happen to him? Didn’t he feel rejected and mistreated? He wasn’t like them. He was different. If anything, he should not even think of doing to others what has hurt him the most. I do not agree in the least bit with what he said. Because of his AS, I’m sure that he’s intelligent and has many talents. I feel sorry for the NT people around him because they may never get to know how his different mind thinks, what a good friend he may make, what talents he has, or how he could possibly make their lives better. I feel sorry for him because he may never know a true friend in a NT or see life from a different point of view, a NT point of view. I guess there are those in both worlds that are intolerant of others. I am definitely glad to have experienced that there are people of compassion in both worlds.



3 thoughts on “Anger

  1. Ps, if u ever fancy doing a guest post on the subject of anger towards NTs (I see so much of this on my facebook group that has near on 5,000, so actually see it lots) Fancy doing one on my blog which ill tweet and auto publish to facebook, just let me know.x

    • If you see fit to use this very post post for your blog, go right ahead. Copy and paste away. 🙂 As long as my posts are being used to help others, I’m fine with anything you choose to do.


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