I created this blog with Aspies in mind, but as I write, I realize that what I’m writing is as much for “normal” people as it is for Aspies. There will always be Neurotypical(NT) people in the life of someone with AS. These people are sometimes left wondering about what the Aspie is thinking or how the Aspie feels. My hopes were to put into words what others could not. My hopes are to help those in an Aspie’s life to hear the words that they could not speak.
There are mothers and fathers that are concerned for their child Aspie. They wonder how well these children will fare out in the world that can be oh so cruel. They wonder if there will be tension between their AS kid(s) and their NT kid(s). They wonder whether or not they are doing a good enough job of raising their Aspie. I write for the parents.
There are friends of Aspies that wonder sometimes what to do in situations with their friend. They wonder how their friend feels about certain things, because Aspies are not known for their wonderful communication skills. I write for the friends.
There are significant others of Aspies that wonder if they will ever be able to communicate with the one that they love. They wonder if their children will have to deal with the same hurts that they do. I write for the significant others.
There are Aspies out there that wonder if they are completely alone. They find themselves emptyhanded and lonely. They don’t know what to say or what to do. They wonder if things will ever be better. I write for Aspies.
I write in hopes of brightening futures and giving hope to those without it. I write so that other Aspies will have an easier life than the one I’ve had. I write in hopes that I can inspire others to do their best or to reach out and help others. It doesn’t matter if my audience is Aspie or NT. I write in hopes that I am doing what I set out to do. I WRITE FOR YOU.



One thought on ““Normal’s”

  1. And there are people with no immediate connection to ASD or Asperger’s who understand that to live richly and deeply means learning about all kinds of ways people think. (Now, I happen to have that perspective mostly because I have a child with an intellectual disability and it’s made me curious about all kinds of people, but that’s a story for another day. Thanks so much for your authentic writing.

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