Chris, a close friend, inspired this post. He suggested that I write about how having Asperger Syndrome has made my life better. After hearing his suggestion, I sat for a while and wondered. I asked myself a few questions. Questions such as: “Has it really made my life better?”, “Does the good actually outweigh the bad?”, and “If I had the choice, would I choose to have AS?” It was difficult to answer these questions. I had no clue what my opinion was. If I had the choice, would I choose to make my life more confusing and difficult by having AS?
It took me about a month and a half to make up my mind, but here goes. I know now that having AS has made my life better and that the good does outweigh the bad. I know now that I would never choose to be anything that I’m not. I would choose to have AS because it is a gargantuan part of who I am. AS is a large part of what makes me who I am, me.

Here are some reasons why:
*I have always known what I want. Where most people have to think very hard to figure out what they want their future to be like, I’ve known since I could form the words.
*I am unique. There is absolutely no one that is exactly like me.
*I know that my friends are true because they accept me and love me and my Aspie quirks.
*I have “tunnel vision” that helps me to focus on important things and to “get ‘er done.”
*I view things differently from others. I will see things from a completely different perspective than you.
*I, because I know the sting of rejection, do my best to make sure I’m not the cause of others feelings of rejection.
*I, also because of the sting of rejection, am very accepting of others differences and quirks.
*My “disability” has inspired me to make a career out of working with special needs children.
*My experiences may be able to help ease the life of others who are like me.

Because of these reasons, and more that I’ve yet to think of, I believe that having AS has not only made a positive impact on my life, but also on the lives of others. I may not always enjoy having AS, but I don’t shun it or feel ashamed of it. I hope that other Aspies can realize the impact that AS has on their life and realize that it’s a blessing, not a curse.



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