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It is common knowledge that everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion. Likewise, people with Asperger Syndrome have differing opinions, especially on the topic of Asperger Syndrome itself. Some Aspies hate that they have it, some embrace having it, some don’t know they have it, and yet others just live with it.

I read, recently, a very angry sounding post by someone that also has AS. As far as I can see, this person basically uses having AS as an excuse to be rude. Acting like it’s a bad thing for those of us with AS to try to follow social rules. Acting like others should just accept us as we are and deal with it. Sure, others should accept that we have AS and that some things we may never understand, but that does not give us the right to be rude and rebellious, using AS as an excuse. Personally, all I ask of “normal” people is that they are patient and understanding of my social slowness.

I also read, recently, a post by someone that embraces AS and loves having it. It helps this person to focus on one thing for a long period of time. It helps them to research and learn everything that they can on certain subjects. It helps them to be very meticulous in their work. Admittedly, there are the social drawbacks and the awkwardness, but having AS isn’t a completely terrible thing.

I have no clue where I stand in this. Maybe I’m in the category of ‘just live with it.’ I do not have a negative opinion of AS, but I’m not sure that I completely embrace it either. Some days are better than others. Some days I just want to hide away in my room because I can’t get anything right, and some days I feel a deep contentment in my AS. Maybe I’ll decide how I really feel sometime soon.




10 thoughts on “Points of View

  1. Hello Allie,

    My name is Andria. I believe you are friends with my son, and his now (ex) girlfriend. My son’s name is Kendrick and he is a young man that has High Functioning Autism and possible Aspergers.

    Because of my passion to assist families and individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, I founded South County Autism Awareness Project (run out of Soledad/Greenfield). I am the only service provider located within South Monterey County. I am the ONLY service provider that utilizes the name Autism in Monterey County.

    First, I want you to know that you, are an inspiration and a reason why I do what I do.
    It is students like you, my son, and my 8 year old daughter that keep me striving to help families going through the journey of ASD.

    Your blog is articulated perfectly, and is a perfect expression of individuals like yourself
    To better understand how ASD affects yourself the thousands of individuals and families struggling with this disorder. So from me to you, thank you for sharing your journey!

    I’m not sure if you are interested, but I have started a unique program for high school student volunteers, called FOREVER FRIENDS. Our first California chapter, is at Soledad High School. Danielle Rivas is the President. I think our “FOREVERS” (the student mentors) could learn a great deal about you, and the gifts you have as an individual with Aspergers.

    Would you be interested? I would love to talk to you in detail. We also have many patent trainings, and parent workshops and would benefit from hearing your journey.

    I know crowds can be very difficult (as Kendrick hates them) but I truly believe you have a significant gift to assist young adults going through this ASD journey.

    I’d love to talk to you and your family.

    My website is http://www.scaaproject.com
    My phone is 831-595-5962.

    Thank you again for your courage and your voice! You truly are inspirational.

    Andria Brinson

    • I’m sure that my family, as well as myself, would be happy to talk to you about our journey. I am the only one of my siblings with AS, but it affects all of our lives. I’ll talk to my mom about possibly having you and Kendrick over for dinner some time.

      • Hi Allison,

        I apologize that I have not had a significant amount of time to call you back. Besides meetings, I think I came down with the flu today.

        I will call you Saturday, in the early afternoon. Thank you again for responding so quickly!

        Happy New Year!


      • When I called you, it was from work, so I’ll text my home number to you, if that’s cool. My mom would love to have you and Kendrick come to dinner. It’ll probably have to be some time after the holidays, but we’ll work something out. Thanks.

  2. I’m so glad you are here writing. Not only do I think you are a cool & articulate person, but I think you can teach me a lot about being the best possible parent to my daughter.

  3. Hey Allie,
    My brother has ADHD, my dad has epilepsy, and my mom has fibromayalgia. Society looks at them with a mean eye. We found a place where no one will look down upon them, except they look down upon ME, for being “normal”. No one ever cares about the ones who have family going through this. Whats a 12 year old girl to do, when her family and even friends hide her in the “normal”?

    • Teag, Dearest Teag. You are anything BUT “normal” in my eyes. You are a wonderful and smart girl. You are caring and the twins best friend. My family loves you, your family loves you, and your friends love you. I have no experience in being “normal”, but I can tell you honestly that my family and I don’t look at you or your family members differently. No matter where you go in this world, people that are similar are going to flock together. Very often, unfortunately for us, these groups of similar people discriminate against those that aren’t like them. It is sad that such things happen. Try to look at it like this: The people that don’t want you around because you are “normal” are doing nothing but taking away from their own happiness. You are a blessing to anyone that actually knows you. Never let people make you feel bad for being who you are, “normal” or “freak.” The people that matter and are worth your time wont care if you’re “normal.”

      Love Always,

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