Lost and Found

A million ideas in my head. A million ideas shot down. I had no clue where to start writing or where I should go next. So, I did a little search on Facebook and behold, there, in front of me, was an Asperger’s Awareness Page. I scrolled down to see what it was all about, and what’s the first thing that pops out at me? An open discussion of the pro’s and con’s of having AS. Reading that long page of other Aspie’s lists of what they view as pro’s and con’s was interesting, comforting, and shocking at the same time.

I found it interesting that all these different people have experienced the exact same things that I have. Some had long lists of pro’s and some had long lists of con’s. Some were written by parents of Aspies. Some made me feel like crying because I feel somehow connected to them and some made me feel angry because they had such a negative outlook on it. I read about some things that I know I don’t have trouble with. I read about some things that I hadn’t realized I have trouble with. I read the words of concerned parents asking for a grown Aspies advice concerning how to react and deal with some things their children experience.

After reading what these people had to say, I realized that I have the capability of being in contact with them. I could possibly talk to them about issues in my life. I could possibly help someone like me to live an easier life. It excites me and scares me at the same time. I am eager to be in contact with people like me. I have a deep desire to talk to people who understand me and what I’m going through. I want to be able to talk about similarities with other Aspies. I want to be able to talk to worried mothers about what life was like for me growing up just in case something I say can make their lives easier. Meeting new people, however, is terrifying (whether said people have AS or not). I’ll just take it one step at a time. Maybe some different reading material will come of this.


Baby Steps,



A Penny For Your Thoughts....

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