Every Aspie has one topic that they are obsessed about. They tend to talk at length about this subject. They study and research this topic relentlessly until they know all there is to know. It often seems that this is also the only topic an Aspie is capable of talking about. Sometimes Aspies have more than one topic that they obsess over. Pretty much all other topics bore them

This is one reason why Aspies, who are very intelligent people, generally don’t do well in school. Sometimes classes are too easy for them and sometimes classes simply don’t interest them. In an Aspie’s reasoning, if it is not interesting to them and has nothing to do with the specific topic they obsess over or the occupation they have in mind for themselves, it is not worth the effort to learn or do well in the class.

Some popular obsessions for Aspies are mechanics, painting, history, math, science, and animals. I know an Aspie, however, that changes obsessions. For a year, it will be one thing, then for a month it will be different. An Aspies life will revolve around this obsession.

I am different from most Aspies in that my topics are myself and small children. I love to talk about myself and my whole life has always revolved around working with children. I was a terrible student. I learned what I needed to learn to pass the tests, but I didn’t do classwork or homework. It frustrated my teachers to see how intelligent I was and how bad my grades were. I was capable of doing the work, but I simply didn’t have the motivation to put much effort into it.

An Aspie’s tunnel vision is centered on their topic and all else ceases to be important. This topic obsession will reign in an Aspies life, but that doesn’t mean that people they care about are not important to them too. Aspies will try to share their vast knowledge of their topic with people, especially those that they are care about. It may become boring to others, talking about the same things endlessly. Those without AS, we would appreciate it greatly if you would try to be understanding of our excitement when it comes to this topic. Let us know , in a gentle way, when it’s times for the subject to change. Understanding on your part will make it easier for the Aspie in your life to share who they really are with you. And trust me. They want to be loved as much as normal people do.





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